Thursday, November 12, 2009

Luna Nueve

At first light, Estrella dug her pearls out of the pigpen mud, cast her last blue eye to validation, set that bitch on fire and made her pilgrimage down the Nile to find her tribe . . .

Naked, she twinned the river
where swirling eddies devour time
and digest it in the undertow.
The taste of Narcissa was foul and persistent
but abated sorrow sweetened the brine
and finished clean on her soul.
Swift were her visions,
the death was sweet -
complete with corpse and embryo.

Complete. With corpse and embryo.

Oceans of space, obsidian smooth,
formed circles around a moon
pregnant with possibility.
Milk light fed the sisterhood,
summoning stars and laughing
at man-made things like chastity.
Naked, she twinned the cosmos
showering orbs still wet with mo(u)rning
on the axis of Isis,
who sucked each pearl
one by one from her strand
and chanted them, softly,
back into the night sky.

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